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Busy juggling the demands of work, family, and social life? Yet, you're the host with the most who loves to throw unforgettable parties? We get it. Between deadlines, family responsibilities, and that ever-growing social calendar, finding the time to plan a memorable event can seem daunting. Where do you even start when it comes to the nuances of food & wine pairings?

Why Choose Our Printable Host Kits?

Instant Party Themes: No more scrolling through endless Pinterest boards! Get an elevated party theme with custom-designed invitations and a matching menu.

Personalized Touch:
Add that special flair to your event with uniquely tailored details.

Effortless Menu Planning: With easy-to-make selections, whether you're cooking up a storm or catering from your favorite local spot – we've got you covered.

Expert Food & Wine Pairings: Not a wine connoisseur? No problem! We provide done-for-you wine and food pairings that will have guests thinking you hired a professional.

Save Precious Time: No need to start from scratch! Quick party planning tips, ready-to-use menu templates, and pre-planned party kits ensure you spend less time planning and more time enjoying.

 Introducing: The Ultimate Holiday Host Kits



Editable Designs:
Get a custom-designed invitation and menu that's easily tweakable in Canva with a free account. Make it truly yours!

Wine Pairings Done Right: Handpicked selections that complement every dish.

Exclusive Seasonal Offer:

Whether you're gearing up for a heartwarming Thanksgiving gathering or a jolly Holiday bash, choose the perfect kit for your celebration. And the best part? Each host kit is priced at just $9!

Because every unforgettable party starts with a little preparation (and a touch of magic from us). ✨

Elevate your hosting game, create lasting memories, and let the compliments roll in.

a touch of magic

download your host kit today

Elevate your hosting game, create lasting memories, and let the compliments roll in. Download our hosting kits today and make party planning effortless and oh-so-elevated this Holiday season.



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