Favorite Wines Inspired by the Mediterranean

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With summer on the horizon and sunshine on the mind, stocking your cellar with Mediterranean wine is essential for curating the perfect summer wine collection or making a Mediterranean Diet way more exciting! As diverse as the countries bordering the sea – so are the wine regions. Reminders of the ocean breeze, sandy beaches, vibrant flowers, and mountainous backdrops marking seaside villages are brilliantly captured in the wines.

Here is a list of wines to kickstart a summer wine cellar that feels like you’re cruising along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Picpoul de Pinet

Languedoc-Roussillon Region in France

Picpoul de Pinet is white wine coming from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. It’s famous for its lemon citrus, honeydew melon, white blossom floral bouquet, and cleansing minerality. It’s a bit like tasting the sea which makes Picpoul de Pinet one of the best wine pairings with shrimp and oysters.

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Provence Region in France

Nothing says summer has arrived like a Rosé from Provence. The beautiful hues of pink juice, the taste of fresh strawberries, sweet cherries, and citrus zest with beautiful floral bouquets are simply irresistible. A chilled glass of Rosé loves a grilled salmon dish, zesty summer salads, and crab cakes.

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Sicily, Italy

A little juicy red gem from the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea is a treat after a long day in the hot sun. Flavors of ripe strawberry, pomegranate, and spice dominate the palate yet retains a lighter-medium style body. If the idea of dining alfresco seaside and experiencing volcanoes up close sounds exciting then planning a trip to Sicily is a must!

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Sardinia, Italy

Hopping over to the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, we land in Sardinia. Its picturesque sandy beaches, harbors of mega-yachts, luxury resorts, and stunning mountainous landscapes are a sight to behold. You don’t need deep pockets to get a taste of the good life just open a bottle of Vermentino di Sardegna. Flavors of lime, grapefruit, green apple, and floral aromas are found in this fuller body white wine. If you find yourself in the mood for a healthy grilled chicken salad and a tangy herb vinaigrette, you’ll love this wine.

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Santorini, Greece

You can’t help but picture miles of white stone buildings with bright ocean blue roofs at the sheer mention of Greece. Equally as important to Greece yet lesser known is its native grape varietal Assyrtiko. The famous Greek dish tomato, cucumber, and feta salad is a beautiful pairing with Assyrtiko. A range of citrus, passionfruit, honey, and minerality dominate the palate in this dry white wine.

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Garnacha (Grenache)

Catalonia Region in Spain

An abundance of seaside playgrounds and medieval countryside villages are found in the Catalonia region of Spain making it nearly impossible to narrow down all the best places to visit. Before you go (again), one of the most important varietals to taste from the region is Garnacha (Grenache). Often red wine found in the region is a blend of red grapes with the lion’s share of the blend coming from Garnacha. Berry jam, orange rind, dried herbs, and spice are just a sampling of the delightful aromas and flavors found in a glass of Spanish Red Blends from this region.

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Monastrell (Mourvèdre)

Alicante Region in Spain

Continuing down the Spanish coast you’ll find more charming seaport villages that offer tranquil escapes, fresh seafood, and well-preserved ancient history. The famous wine of this region is Monastrell (Mourvèdre). The area enjoys a moderate climate all year round creating excellent conditions for grape growing. Tastes of blackberry, black cherry, tobacco, and cocoa are commonly found with Spanish Monastrell. Enjoy this bottle with smoked meats like brisket, beef stew, and ground lamb.

Try these wines:

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