Ideas for Hosting a Wine Theme Party

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Wine Theme Party Ideas

As the season of celebrations approaches, our calendars are bustling with invitations to parties and social events every weekend. A beautifully crafted cheese and meat board might be a go-to for many, especially when wine is on the menu. While classics never fail, if you’re looking for original ideas for wine theme parties that stand out, you’re in the right place. Whether you’ve thrown a wine-themed soirée in the past or are considering venturing away from the typical no-theme-party, we’re here to infuse your next gathering with creativity and elegance.

Low Key Wine Party Ideas


A wine trivia night is not only a fun way to learn about wine but the competitive spirit will come out in full force. To make things even more interesting, raise the stakes by offering a first-place prize for a nice bottle of wine, fancy wine glass stemware, or a Coravin wine system.

You don’t have to do countless hours of research or DIY trivia cards to prepare. Simply grab one of your favorite wine books open that baby up, and ask away!

Wine Trivia Night


You had a week and so did your crew, which means staring into a black box abyss over a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board seems like just the cure. Besides what better way to enjoy the night of drinking wine, than to do so with the professionals?

SOMM documents the quest of aspiring sommeliers on a mission to achieve the title of Master Sommelier, only held by less than 300 people worldwide. The level of intensity, rigor, and discipline these students of wine endure while studying for the MS exam is mesmerizing. Wine has brought these students together from all different backgrounds and it’s what bonds them together as they prepare for arguably the most challenging exam in the world. 

Sour Grapes shows a darker side of the wine industry and how fraudster Rudy Kurniawan was able to use his charm and impeccable senses to catapult himself as one of the most successful sellers in the world’s top auction houses. In the process of selling multi-million dollars of fraudulent wine, the documentary covers his close relationship with the ultra-rich and even famous wine lovers in this exclusive community. 

The Wine Show Season 2 and 3 features the handsome wine novice duo, Matthew Goode and James Purefoy, as they travel to famous wine regions throughout southern France and abroad on a mission to discover incredible wine. Along their journey, they meet with winemakers, and critically acclaimed chefs, engage in entertaining banter, and demonstrate how traveling for wine takes you to the best places on Earth. It’s a refreshing, light-hearted TV series that will have you hopping on the next flight to Provence.

Wine Documentaries to Binge Watch

Intimate Wine Party Ideas


Perfect for a medium-sized group and to get guests interacting that might not be well-acquainted.

Chances are if you have a pulse, you enjoy traveling. While a party is never a substitute for the real thing, it’ll have you reminiscing about the places you’ve been and planning for those not yet experienced.

Wine Travel Party Setup:

  • Select 3-4 bottles of wine from different parts of the world.
  • Set up a station for each wine in different parts of the room.
  • Prepare a food pairing typical of the region to go with each wine.
  • Create passports for guests to hand out upon their arrival along with a welcome apertif to show them where the night is headed.

This wine party creates the ultimate sensory experience and keeps guests mingling well into the evening. Selecting wine from regions you know your guests have been and/or want to visit provides opportunities to bond over favorite travel memories and share insider tips to visiting a region.


Ideal if you’re short on time to plan a party or not sure how-to pair food with wine.

If picking wines for food pairings has you throwing in the party towel, there are wines by the glass tasting kits that have done all the heavy lifting for you. Insert that Insta-worthy cheese and meat spread and you are ready to welcome guests.

A few of the best wine-tasting kits to order online are In Good Taste, Vinebox, and USUAL. Many of these kits come with the option to book a virtual tasting experience with a resident wine expert, creating an intimate tasting room experience at home.


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just living your best life, treating guests or a hot date to an evening of wine exploration is the invite they’ve been waiting for. Imagine a night of surprise and delight as a private chef and wine expert takes you into their world of food and wine in the most intimate setting possible – home.

  • Hire a local chef and wine experts at SNOOTI who handle food & wine pairing experiences.
  • Turn on a music playlist that captures the sounds of the region to play in the background.
  • Greet with a glass of champagne or aperitif and a small bite upon arrival.
Wine Date Night Party

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