The Best Books for Wine Lovers

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One of the best ways to learn about wine is by curating a book collection. Each time you open a bottle of wine, open a book or two that dives deeper into the wine itself from its common flavors to the history of the region it comes from. This simple habit makes learning about wine daily fun and exciting. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced wine drinker, this list of best books for wine lovers is one you can’t miss.

Best Books for Wine Lovers Who Love Research

Not only are these highly educational wine books to reference anytime you open a bottle of wine; they look fantastic as a coffee table book or poised on your bookshelf when not in use.

Best Books for Wine Lovers - The Ultimate Guide

The Oxford Companion to Wine Dictionary

Everything you need to know about wine.

A truly legendary wine book and a must-have for wine enthusiasts. There is nothing about wine this book does not dive deep into from viticulture, history, culture, geography, and more. It is perfect to use when you come across an obscure word on a wine label or a region you’ve never heard of to learn more. This wine book will have the answer!

The World Atlas of Wine

Learn about wine through maps.

Take a deep dive into wine regions across the world through maps, photography, and practical wine knowledge. Anyone who loves to travel to wine regions will find themselves returning to this book and will find it irresistible to plan your next trip.

Best Books for Wine Lovers - World Atlas of Wine
Best Books for Wine Lovers - Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

The New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia

Wine guide from basics to advanced.

As the name implies, this book leaves no stone unturned in the world of wine. While it covers all the basics of wine tasting, flavor notes, and regions – it features a comprehensive guide to top wines by producer and year, up-and-coming winemakers, and unusual wines to try. The book makes exploring wine and picking with confidence a breeze.

Best Books for Wine Lovers That Love Infographics

This list of wine books contains everything from approachable infographics to intriguing stories related to wine from the past. These best wine books are ideal for those who learn best with great visuals or love a good story.

Wine Folly

Wine infographics & visuals.

This book is a must-have for anyone who loves wine. Wine Folly uses infographics and quick visuals to break down wine knowledge into digestible nuggets from flavor profiles, food & wine pairing, serving and storing wine, and much more!

Wine Folly ideal for visual learners.
Wine Bible for wine enthusiasts who love short stories.

Wine Bible

Short stories and cultural flair.

Do you love history and culture? The Wine Bible offers short stories and cultural flair with lots of photographs and useful, yet interesting wine knowledge. Its lively approach to wine education makes it easy to sit down and read for hours or pick up with a few spare minutes and learn something new.

Windows on The World

Self-paced guided wine course.

For a self-paced course on the major wine regions across the world, this is your book. You will learn about top producers, the best vintages, guided tastings, and food pairing recommendations for each major region.

Windows on the World self paced guided wine course book.

Best Books for Wine Lovers That Love Food

Do you love to cook? Or maybe it’s the idea of cooking you love! Whichever category you fall into, the best way to explore wine is through food and these books got you covered with exciting recipes and practical pairing advice for those nights at home.

Best Books for Wine Lovers - Foodies

Wine Time

For the casual entertainer.

70+ simple recipes that elevate entertaining at home for those who love to host without spending hours in the kitchen. Each recipe is accompanied by a wine pairing making it easy to serve the ideal beverages to your guests.

Wine Food

To elevate meals at home.

Wine Food covers 75 wine styles & 75 recipes to pair in a comprehensive guide on modern food and wine. Every recipe begins with a short introduction to the wine style, recipe inspiration, and why it perfectly compliments the dish.

Wine Food Book for Wine Loving Foodies
Sommeliers Cookbook

The Sommelier’s Cookbook

For the foodies.

Wine and food pairing bliss coming right up! This book is packed with 75 recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts, accompanied by 60 wine varietals. You will learn the basics of each wine varietal and blends from where they grow to what foods they pair perfectly with.

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