The Best Wine and Halloween Movie Pairings

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As the nights grow longer and the air turns crisp, there’s nothing quite like settling in for a night of spine-tingling scares with your favorite Halloween movies. But why not take your cinematic experience up a notch? We’ve crafted a list of spooky film and wine pairings that will make your movie night an unforgettable affair. From lighthearted witchy fun to heart-pounding horror, we’ve got your tastes covered. So, dim the lights, grab your wine glass, and let’s dive into the perfect wine and scary movie pairings!

1. “Hocus Pocus” + Claus Preisinger Blaufrankisch, Neusiedlese, Austria: For a Spellbinding Good Time
Hocus Pocus is a fun, lighthearted approach to Halloween. You need a wine that is also fun but adds a bit of intrigue to the mix. Have you ever had Blaufrankisch? Claus Preisinger Blaufrankisch is an inky, savory wine that adds intrigue to the mix while watching this classic film.

Halloween Wine
Claus Preisinger Blaufrankisch, Neusiedlese, Austria

2. “The Conjuring” + Yalumba Old Vine Grenache, Barossa Valley, Australia: To Soften the Scare

An old curse, a gnarly tree, and a pair of religious ghostbusters will scare your pants off. Soften the blow with a silky Grenache grown from gnarly old vines in Barossa Valley. Nothing is cursed about this wine but this winery is home to 125+ year old Grenache vines!

Halloween Wine Pairings

3. “The Shining” + St Cosme Côte Rotie Syrah, Northern Rhône, France: To Settle the Spirits

  • Movie Choice: “The Shining” traps you high up in a ski mountain with your thoughts and demons. Let’s settle those monsters down with a glass of luscious, smokey Syrah.
  • Wine: St Cosme Côte Rotie Syrah from the Northern Rhône is the perfect companion. Its deep, meaty flavors and sun-soaked origins will help you navigate the maze of suspense that is “The Shining.”

High up in a ski mountain, trapped with your thoughts and demons. Settle those monsters down with a glass of luscious, smokey, meaty Syrah from the sunny hills of Côte Rôtie in the Northern Rhône.

Halloween Movie Wine Pairing

4. “Beetlejuice” + 2020 Domaine Guiberteau, Saumur, Rouge – Cabernet France from Loire Valley, France: For a Kooky Dance Party

  • Movie Choice: “Beetlejuice” is kooky and unpredictable, just like the impromptu mid-dinner dance parties it inspires.
  • Wine: Keep Beetlejuice distracted with a funky red wine from the Loire Valley. Domaine Guiberteau, Saumur, Rouge Cabernet Franc will be sure to make your movie night dance party an even more memorable event.

Kooky Beetlejuice will marry you if you’re not paying attention. Distract him with a cool, funky red wine from the Loire Valley. This Cabernet Franc will be sure to make that impromptu mid-dinner dance party an even more memorable event.

This Halloween season, take your scary movie marathon to the next level with carefully chosen wine pairings. Whether you’re in the mood for witchy fun, heart-pounding scares, or a bit of kookiness, our wine recommendations will enhance your cinematic experience. So, gather your friends, prepare for some spine-tingling moments, and raise a glass to a night of cinematic thrills and delicious wines. Cheers to a sip-and-scream-worthy Halloween movie night!

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