The Best Wineries To Visit in Fredericksburg Texas

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In the heart of Texas’ renowned Hill Country, Fredericksburg’s wineries have carved out a reputation that’s hard to ignore. While Texas has always had a hand in winemaking, it’s Fredericksburg that’s recently taken center stage, thanks to an influx of both seasoned and emerging winemakers eager to make their mark.

Yet, a trip to Fredericksburg’s wineries is so much more than just sipping on fine wines. Nestled within this wine haven is the Fredericksburg Historic District, a testament to the town’s rich German heritage. Here, antique shops hold treasures of the past, art galleries showcase local talent, tasting rooms invite deeper exploration, and eateries dish out flavors that are as memorable as the wines themselves. Live entertainment is never too far, adding excitement to the night after a day of vineyard views.

But that’s not where Fredericksburg’s charm ends. The town is famous for attractions like the National Museum of the Pacific War. And for those visiting at the right time, the Peach Festival and Oktoberfest offer festive diversions.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on guiding you to the best wineries in Fredericksburg, ensuring you don’t miss a drop of what this charming Texas town has to offer.

Top Wineries To Visit in Fredericksburg, Texas

Ab Astris Winery

Perfect for small or large groups with a kid and pet-friendly atmosphere.

Nestled behind Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Stonewall, Ab Astris (translates to “of the stars”) is a family-owned and operated boutique winery with a passion for underrated grape varietals such as Clairette Blanche, Souzao, and Tannat. They are committed to producing the highest quality wines from 100% Texas Grapes. The tasting room staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making learning about wine as enjoyable as tasting it. Pack a picnic and enjoy the covered patio space or lounge in the Adirondack chairs underneath massive live oak trees while looking at the vineyards. It’s kid-friendly, and dog-friendly, and offers some of the best wine in the state.

Adega Vinho

Great for smaller groups, winery tours and lunch options, open daily, and pet-friendly.

This 14.5-acre estate family-owned and operated vineyard in Stonewall specializes in Portugese varietals Touriga and Arinto produced from 100% Texas grapes. The modern/industrial tasting room is not only adorned with from artwork from local artists to create a colorful backdrop to enjoy their wines but the awards and accolades this winery has achieved covers almost an entire wall in the tasting room.

The Bilger-family is passionate about giving back to the community and donates 10% of it’s profits annually to local causes and offers scholarships to deserving students in nearby schools. Beyond that, Adega Vinho cares deeply about sustainable farming which means low intervention in the grape growing process and use of organic products to ensure the highest quality fruit year after year. It’s also a great place to stop along the wine trail for artisanal pizza from its food truck while relaxing in the lovely outdoor patio while the kids and the pups stretch their legs.

Serrano Wine

Great for smaller groups and an intimate tasting experience.

After steering a thriving tasting room in downtown Paso Robles for a commendable seven years, young winemakers Sarah and Brice set their eyes toward the horizons of Texas Hill Country. Eager to carve out a space of their own in an up-and-coming wine region, the duo brought with them a mission: to break down the barriers and complexities often associated with wine. Their core ethos resonates in every aspect of Serrano—from the personable tastings that invite enthusiasts of all levels, to the rich narratives behind each label and the very origin of the winery itself. With an unyielding commitment to nuanced, intricate wines, they harness state-of-the-art winemaking techniques, ensuring each bottle, whether from Californian or Texan grapes, offers a taste experience layered in depth.

Meierstone Vineyards

Great winery for large groups, history buffs, and furry friends.

Along the 290 Wine Trail, Meierstone Vineyards stands as a testament to a legacy spanning five generations—a family-owned winery seamlessly intertwined with a 555-acre working farm and ranch. Walking its grounds feels like traversing the pages of a rich history book; every corner whispers tales of yesteryears.

Antique pieces pepper the property, from meticulously restored old gas pumps to antique tractors in massive old barns, all paying homage to the estate’s storied past. For those seeking a collective experience, the vineyard offers old frontier-style tasting barns, perfect for accommodating large groups. But beyond the allure of its history, Meierstone is deeply committed to the present and future. Their belief in sustainable winemaking practices is evident in every bottle, capturing and showcasing the authentic terroir of Texas. This ethos, paired with their open-arms policy towards pets, makes Meierstone Vineyards a unique and welcoming destination for both wine enthusiasts and their four-legged friends.

William Chris Vineyards

Ideal for large or small groups, unique tasting experiences, kid and pet friendly.

William Chris Vineyards stands as a trailblazing icon in the Fredericksburg wine landscape, having championed Texan wine culture since 2008. Nestled in the heart of Hill Country, visitors can taste their wines in a chic modern tasting room or amidst the tranquility of the vineyards on picnic tables. Dedicated to low-intervention winemaking, they firmly believe that the essence of great wine is birthed in the vineyards. This ethos, coupled with their expansive wine tasting experiences ranging from intimate picnics to grand supper clubs, creates a memorable journey for guests. With a welcoming attitude towards both kids and pets, it’s a destination where every wine enthusiast, family, and furry friend can find their perfect sip and setting.

French Connection Wines

This winery is ideal for small groups, French wine aficionados, and pet-friendly.

Stepping into the world of French Wine Connection, guests are immediately introduced to the artistry of French winemaker, Ben Calais. Specializing in Rhône-style wines, Calais crafts each bottle using 100% Texas grapes, beautifully melding French technique with Texan terroir. Beyond just sipping on these delicious wines, visitors can indulge in curated food and wine pairing experiences, or partake in educational tastings that deepen their appreciation for the craft. For those wishing to extend their vineyard experience, chic modern-maisonnette cabins await on-site, ready to envelop guests in the ambiance of a vineyard stay. Open from Thursday to Sunday, French Wine Connection promises a taste of France in the heart of Texas.

Untamed Wine Estates

A great stop for sparkling wines, educational tasting experience, artisanal pizza, adults-only, and pet-friendly.

In the middle of Texas Hill Country, the adventurous spirits of Dane and Mckenzie have found a home. This young couple, who once traversed the world fueled by their love for wine and travel, have channeled their global experiences into Untamed Wine Estates. Here, wines are crafted as a reflection of diverse international winemaking traditions, marrying unique varietals and unconventional methods, all with grapes sourced from the famous region of Monterey, California.

Visitors can expect a holistic wine experience, guided by a team of well-versed staff ready to share their expansive knowledge. Beyond the wines, the estate tempts guests with a culinary offering, making it a perfect lunch destination. Try their deicious artisanal pizzas and an array of light bites. While the winery caters exclusively to adults, they warmly welcome pets.

Sandy Road Vineyards

The winery is ideal for small intimate groups, offers an educational experience, and is pet-friendly.

Armed with experience, high standards, and a great taste in wine, the family began planting their estate vineyard in 2016. They could not bear the thought of waiting till the tasting room construction was complete to share their wines, so they built a modest treehouse that overlooks the vineyard where you can enjoy a private tasting with one of the family members and owners. This decision alone speaks volumes to their commitment to sustainable farming, minimal intervention, and the individual attention required to produce not only great wines but also a lovely experience for guests.

Augusta Vin

This winery is great for large groups, picturesque tasting room, wine garden, and vineyard views.

A stunning wine estate situated a few minutes outside of Fredericksburg offers an upscale setting to taste wine in an impressive two-story timber-framed tasting room. The grounds boast beautiful gardens to relax with a glass of wine while amongst the vines, live music, two outdoor tasting bars, a comfy patio lounge great for large groups, a small bites menu, and a diverse selection of high-quality wines.

Slate Theory Winery

This winery is ideal for large groups, and unique tasting experiences in a wine cave, pet-friendly, and is open daily.

Experience the state-of-the-art underground wine caves for a private group tasting at Slate Theory. The winery brings an edgy and artistic flair to the Fredericksburg winery scene. You’ll find a sleek modern tasting room with vineyard views and interior walls adorned with moody artwork vibes. Beyond their exceptional wines, they proudly champion a cause close to their hearts: raising awareness for mental health, making each sip a testament to their commitment to the community and well-being.

Narrow Path Winery and Vineyard

A relaxing atmosphere for adults, stunning gardens and vineyard backdrops, plus pet-friendly.

This winery offers a truly Texan wine experience set against the backdrop of its stunning gardens. Visitors can unwind at the floor-to-ceiling window tasting room bar, or outdoors in the comfortable patio lounge, soaking in the relaxing ambiance that permeates the estate. Narrow Path produces wines exclusively from 100% Texas grapes from Roussane to Tempranillo. Complementing their wines, guests can indulge in locally sourced charcuterie, freshly baked breads, and delectable seasonal bites. While weekend visits require an appointment, walk-ins are welcomed during weekdays. And for those wine enthusiasts with furry friends, the winery is pet-friendly, ensuring everyone enjoys their time at Narrow Path.

Covington Hill Country

Ideal spot for wine with a view, light bites, and a friendly atmosphere.

Born from passion and dedication, Texas native Cindy embarked on a journey almost two decades ago, venturing to the emerging wine region of Washington state. It was there that she not only met her future husband, David, but together they laid the foundation of their wine legacy in 2002 with Covington Cellars, starting humbly from their garage.

The winery’s success in Washington, prompted the couple to eye a second homecoming venture in Texas Hill Country. Today, they skillfully juggle responsibilities between both vineyards, with several of their loyal Washington team members having made the leap to Texas, ensuring the dream flourishes. At Covington Hill Country, guests can indulge in diverse wine-tasting experiences, accompanied by a light menu featuring charcuterie snacks and delectable shareable dips. A welcoming haven, the vineyard also prides itself on being both kid and pet-friendly, making it a destination for the whole family.

After indulging in the breadth of Fredericksburg’s wineries and taking in the charm of its storied streets, one thing becomes clear: this Texan town is a gem waiting to be discovered by every wine enthusiast. The perfect fusion of heritage, art, and viniculture makes Fredericksburg a must-visit on any wine lover’s itinerary. As you plan your next wine journey or weekend trip, let Fredericksburg be your destination of choice, promising not only incredible wines but a unique Texas experience.

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